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If you are planning on trying out for cheerleading this year, please make sure you read and complete the appropriate documents on the Edison athletic site and in the schoology group.

Make sure you are registered at and have all the necessary forms turned in. This includes a Virginia High School League Physical, Emergency Care card, completion of the concussion module and proof of insurance.   All documentation is now to be submitted through this mechanism. No paper copies will be collected.

Join the Edison High School Cheer Schoology group. The access code is X6W4-PDTK-CDQCH. If you are unable to join email Coach Craft at to be added.

Once you join the schoology group:  Read over the tryout information to see what will be required of you during tryouts. Spaces on teams may be limited this year due to Covid-19 and masks will be required. Please note there are games and possibly competition over Spring Break. Be prepared to be available for the months of February to May 1.

Please fill out the preorder form on Schoology if you are planning on trying out by Friday, Jan.8. Due to the condensed season, the program needs to order many of the items ahead of time to ensure they arrive by the first game/competition. Pictures of these items are attached. Only order one set of warm-ups. There are options for adult or junior sizes. You want to make sure you use the sizing chart.

Once dates and time for tryouts are finalized, we will have a tryout meeting and further announcements will be posted.


Edison Cheerleading 2020-21 Tryout Information


Latest Updates:

Cheer season this year will be from the beginning of Feb. until May 1. 


Make sure you are registered at and have all the necessary forms turned in. This includes a Virginia High School League Physical, Emergency Care card, completion of the concussion module and proof of insurance.   All documentation is now to be submitted through this mechanism.  No paper copies will be collected.  If you have not completed these forms, you will not be able to tryout!  NO EXCEPTIONS.


Once dates and times have been secured for tryouts an announcement will be sent.



  • JV:  up to 4 practices a week and Thursday games, JV cheerleaders may compete (TBD) and will support the Varsity squad at district competition if allowed. 
  • Varsity: 5-6 practices a week, games, one practice a week may be held at an area cheer gym for tumbling lessons at an additional fee to the cheerleader and competing in VHSL sanctioned competitions


REQUIREMENTS:  All material will be taught to you at the clinics.  Just bring a good attitude!!!  Returning cheerleaders are expected to improve from year to year.   Coaches can tell who has been working on their skills and has not be working.


FJV (Grade 9-11)   * We will only have freshman team if we have enough students at tryouts who meet the criteria

  • Near Level Jumps
  • Good spirit, facials, motions, dance
  • Solid voice
  • Beginner level stunting (thigh stand, mid-extension) to Intermediate Level Stunting (mid-extension to extension, pop cradle)
  • Basic Tumbling Skills (basic rolls, handstands, cartwheel, round-off) to Intermediate tumbling skills (front/back walkover


VARSITY (Grades 9-12)

  • Level to Extended Jumps (front hurdler, double toe, pike)
  • Strong, Tight Motions
  • Solid voice/Great Facials
  • Strong Dance
  • Advanced Level Stunts (extension, extension with full down, lib, lib variations with full down)
  • Standing Back Handspring.  NOT REQUIRED BUT EXPECTED!!!  Other tumbling can include standing series bhs, round-off bhs, standing tuck, etc. 
  • Don’t expect to make varsity just because you have a back handspring.   You must have all the above skills as well.


Cheerleading is physically demanding in order to avoid injury you should be doing some sort of workout every day! There are cheer specific workouts all over the internet!  Find one and start getting ready for tryouts!


APPROXIMATE COSTS- Please make sure you have complete the preorder form for supplies

Because of the nature of the activities performed in cheerleading some cost is associated with the program.  Special uniform items need to be purchased by the cheerleaders.  A list of the exact costs will be made available at tryouts. PAYMENT WILL BE EXPECTED IMMEDIATELY.THERE WILL BE NO PAYMENT PLANS AND THERE IS NO DISCOUNT FOR FREE AND REDUCED LUNCH. PLAN ACCORDINGLY! We try to keep the styles the same from year to year for most items so they can be used for more than one season. Former cheerleaders often donate items that can be used if you are not able to afford everything.


Game day T-shirt male/female 2XL + $2.00

12.00 each – up to 3 shirts 

Red and Navy Bow

14.00 each

Red Gloves


Briefs Navy


Briefs Red


EHS Backpack with name(optional)


Soffe Warm Up Jacket with name


Soffe Warm Up pants




Competition bow (Varsity only)


Midriff Crop top (JV)


Shoes male/female

45.00 +

Soffe practice shorts (purchase at local sports store)

10.00 each

Outer warm up jacket (water resistant)

50.00 +

Stunt Camp/choreography

200.00+    (this is only a possibility at this point)

You should be taking tumbling lessons on a regular basis especially if you hope to be on varsity including returning cheerleaders. 


Area Cheer gyms:

Cheer Extreme           Merrifield, VA                         (571) 482-0825

Hot Topic All Stars                  Alexandria, VA                        (240) 630-3141

ADC                                               Arlington, VA                          (703) 291-8221

Capital Gymnastics         Burke, VA                                (703) 293-0044

Phoenix Elite                               Chantilly, VA                            (703) 956-6272

Sting Ray All Stars              Ashburn, VA                            (703)444-6002

Maryland Twisters-Virginia  Sterling, VA                             (703)665-2284



Make sure to sign up and visit our google classroom and schoology group.  It is regularly for update with information related to green days, summer clinics/camps, tryouts, schedules, and the season. 


The 2020-21Cheerleading Interest google classroom code is lecylvs. 

The Schoology Access code is :  X6W4-PDTK-CDQCH

If you have any questions, feel free to email Coach Craft at    

Contact: Coach Craft
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